BULLDOG Skin Care For Men – Product Review

Today I have a product review and it’s more than products and brand reviews little while go now a skincare brand called Bulldog.

This company is they are British company so everything is made here in the UK and by believing the bite worldwide they are also cruelty-free which, of course, is a massive plus I don’t use anything that isn’t there really epical brand as well and they’re also vegan approved which is all good which means everyone can use them.

Bulldog Skincare For Men Original Face Wash

Bulldog Skincare For Men Original Face Wash this is packed with eight essential oils and green tea to gently cleanse your face of dirt and debris bulldog is a man’s best friend and one thing that I actually love about this company is safe stuff on the back so like I said just explaining what the practice of giving a description for the Proteas.

This one says how can you face your problem if your problem is your face doping is really funny it says this isn’t the whole answer but it’s a star belonging to your skin approach never contain artificial colors synthetic fragrances or ingredients from animal resources I still love thinking about the Thursdayokay it’s not that funny Oh calm down.

But as you guys know I love natural products so yeah I was really excited about trying this I really liked it I really really liked it and it didn’t sting like some face washes do Sinfield fragrance heavy because there are no fake fragrances in it a lot of face washes tend to dry out the face a little bit more.

So then you have to use your toner and moisturizers kind of combat that but this facebook she didn’t do that at all and one thing I must say that I really really love about this is skincare for men they are aimed at men but they don’t have that horrible synthetic aftershave you smell that they put in a lot of products for men just in general overall and you know they all smell like a barbershop which isn’t a bad thing I just when I smell that it just screams synthetic and fake smells at me and I just don’t want to be putting that anywhere near my body but yeah so I really really like this.

Bulldog Skincare For Men Original Moisturiser

Bulldog Skincare For Men Original Moisturizer which is packed with eight essential oils including green tea green algae and cognac man that one and vitamin E which all help to rehydrate the skin.

I’m going to read the back of all of these are good things to read on the toilet when you go to the toilet if you get your photo just grab one of these read the back anyway this one says our number-one rule is to hope for the best plan for the worst with your face it’s all in the planning that’s true these are mattresses to live by these are really really good little things on the back I’d admit I haven’t used this one a lot I take this one but I’m going to maybe like my parents will weekend if I’m staying at a friend’s house it is really good it’s really really good and for me.

One thing that I don’t like about moisturizers is when they’re heavy when they take a lot to rub in because I have oily skin oily and sensitive skin that gets shiny very very quickly I don’t like to have to sit there and rub heavy heavy moisturizers into my skin this sunk in extremely quickly and I wasn’t shiny for most of the day which is really weird for me like usually within two hours of the queen in my face of moisturizing I’m shiny again but no this kept me looking matte for quite a long time but I do feel like I haven’t given this and all that much of a chance but it is really really good.

I’m just using that’s my moisturizer because I love it and if I didn’t have that yeah I’d be using this.

Bulldog Skincare For Men Original Eye Roll-On

Bulldog Skincare Form Men Original Eye Roll-On it’s pallet avocado oil cucumber oil and Brazilian ginseng extract to reduce the appearance of dark circles puffiness and fine lines I’m twenty-something I’m not far away from getting fine lines in fact I have a few on my forehead already this one says if you scream no this one says I scream you without it in a way yeah I’ve been using I never think these are miracle products so instead of eye cream which for me I just don’t like the fat around my eyes I hate getting things near my eye.

This is nice one just to roll on underneath one thing I noticed about this compared to other I roll-ins I have is this was a little bit creamier I can you see it go on it’s always white whereas all the other ones I have are kind of clear and they kind of dry like you got a film under your eye but I just found this was really nice and light I must admit I haven’t seen any difference in my dark circles probably because I’m not drunk enough water staying up really really late but I have noticed this puffiness.

You know when you wake up in the morning just all puffy and you’ve got like big lumps and your Isis takes it down straightway it’s just a really really nice feeling and but again probably something I won’t be getting once this runs out and just because I feel like it’d be a waste of my money not because the product doesn’t work because if I’m not getting receiving what that I need I’m just you know not helping out not help myself out really.

Bulldog Skincare For Men Original Face Scrub

The best till last this product I am so in love with like this is really really really good and you can see by the packaging I’ve been using a lot this is their Bulldog Skincare For Men Original Face Scrub pact again with eight essential oils and this has little olive seas in it as well like bits of both seed this there’ son the back what’s the biggest room in the world of the room for improvement go there now do it that’s really nice I can see that on Tumblr or like someone’s t-shirt that one I love this so much.

So take a look at that the olive season isn’t harsh it’s really really creamy it feels like an I don’t know like use your Vicks fogies you feel like you’re scrubbing stuff off and as much as your facial hurt should never hurt when you’re exfoliating you know you can usually feel the little bits like gently expand your face but this is so soft like so so soft and but I can definitely see an improvement and I’ve been using this maybe three to four times a week.

Which is a little bit over the maximum recommended I just feel like it’s that gentle and I haven’t seen any kind of like problems and one place I’ve really notice the differences on my nose I have a lot of discoloration in the corner and it just tends to look dull and oily and there’s the same on my foot so my t-zone basically I know I just noticed it’s looked a lot more like lighter a lot more vibrant like a lot more alive rather than just very matte and dull but I just really liked it and again it hasn’t got that weird ultra manly smell to it and I just love it like it’s very very moisturizing as well.

This is up there if not one of the best exfoliators I’ve used I like it it might have a sensitive one I’m not too sure but I think this is great for all skin types the fact that all of these have essential oils in is a massive deal for me you don’t usually find that kind of wording on men’s packaging if that makes sense usually they try like man it up a bit and they’re like you know face stuff that packs a punch or things like that you know where this is literally telling you exactly what’s in it green tea they’re not dumbing anything down which annoys because I feel like a lot of men’s products do that and in a day.

When men are very very actually concerned with the way they look and very much into grooming and person okay and skincare and that’s just what I love about this brand there are men brand I think the Bulldog is such a cool little thing like I think the Bulldog is like British Britain’s national dog I have this like displayed on my desk when I first got them for ages because the packaging is just really really nice as well it fits in well with a neutral tone of like any bathroom is that big deal for anyone that’s a big deal for me.

If I see the packaging and I don’t think that’s gonna look tidy and nice in my bathroom then I’m not going to buy it but yeah I just love the neutral kindness of this so to round this up there will be a few prices up once they run out I won’t go and purchase myself not because they’re not any good I think they’re all really really good but my skin is extremely oily a spot pro so Ido have the certain products that I know work and I need to stick to because I don’t wanna be playing around with the balance whatever in my skin and but if you have good condition skin dry sensitive whatever you maybe get the occasional spot here and there that these are the perfect products to use.

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